Sean Dyche denies any pressure on him

Sean Dyche denies that there is a lot of pressure on him and his bosses to trade one of their main players Michael Keane whose heroics have helped them remain away from the drop zone of the Premiership table.

Keane, who has recently become an England international as well, is on the radar of clubs like Man U and there is every possibility of Burnley being approached with lucrative offers for the defender in the pre-season window.

But, as per Dyche, the financial condition of Burnley gives them the luxury of not being forced into any kind of deal. Yes, if there is something which satisfies everyone including the player himself, then of course that can materialise, but, a club can’t just hope of coming with huge money and nailing the deal straightaway. That won’t be the case at all.

Dyche concedes that it’s normal for a guy to make the switch from the smallish clubs to the clubs which are historically more powerful. So, it does not annoy him to hear these rumours about Keane or any of his players for that matter.

It’s normal for the clubs as well which have financial problems to let go of such players at some point because that gives them enormous financial boost.

But, with Burnley, it’s different. They are not keen for big deals at the moment because they are doing okay in terms of their finances and the fact that they are set to retain their spot in the top tier; it’s only going to strengthen them financially.

So unless and until there is a situation where they feel that an offer is fulfilling all the aspects and is in the best interest of the three parties concerned, they won’t think about trading Keane.