Manchester City made a stunning performance in their last Champions League group stages match against Bayern Munich that saw the team of Pellegrini making a comeback after falling behind from 2 goals and ultimately winning 3-2.

Manuel Pellegrini decided to take off one of the most creative and an important player of the squad with 20 minutes remaining on the clock as David Silva was removed. The final scoreboard of the match was 3-2 in favor of Manchester City but even though they claimed the hard fought victory, the Premier League team still came behind Bayern Munich in their group.

This means that for the upcoming rounds of the Champions League, Manchester City will have a colossal task ahead of them considering the potential opponents they can be put against. This would have happened if City would have scored another goal.

Speaking at the press conference when the match was concluded, Pellegrini was asked if he got confused with the points and goal system that the Champions League utilizes and he responded by saying that finishing at the top of their group and having a fairly easier next round is not as important as risking Silva to play for more than 70 minutes.

“It was difficult to score two goals and I think that Silva had to play not more than 70 minutes, defending the decision not to bring on his leading scorer, Sergio Agüero, with 20 minutes to go. “I was tempted if we scored the fourth goal – of course that’s why I sent Agüero to warm up.

“But also I think it was a risk to continue with Silva; he can’t play for more than 70 minutes. I repeat for our team it’s very important to be the first in the group but it’s not the most important thing.” Pellegrini told Sky Sports

Aguero was benched during a match that can potentially decide their final outcome for Manchester City and their journey in the Champions League.