Tripper Essential

Kieran Trippier has given tribute to Manager Sean Dyche for making Burnley spiritually strong enough for a top two struggle. The Clarets failed to a 3-1 defeat at home to Reading and preserved a four point gap over third placed Queen Park Rangers. The Dyche’s team came back from behind to get a draw at Bournemouth after one day.

Burnley have won six matches and have lost only one and was able to draw 9 matches overall, it was one of the 16 times when Burnley has disappeared into the break level and came out of the match with just one point. The Clarets followed five times going into the second half’s in 31 games but managed to draw three matches.

Tripper stated that the figures don’t just display the lineup’s strength level but a well-built mindset too. He also mentioned that when the team was 1-0 down at half time at Leicester and might have been four he didn’t lose his temper nor was he angry. He just told his mates how fine players they are and they will have to show it on the field. He doesn’t beat people instead he encourages the players and makes them realize how well they can play. He doesn’t go mad he just let his team know that what they can perform in the second half to make a bang.

His manly behaviour is very good and he let the team know if they are out of rhythm and also inform them as to how to play better. He has done an incredible work. When tripper suffered a complicated start against Bolton last week, it was discovered that he felt the benefits of Dyche’s word of direction and understanding. A Manchester defender said that, in the second half at Bolton, for example, he let him know that he should not jump over Chung young lee and this made him safeguard in a much better way.